When is The Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

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Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the must-visit places that most people include in their travel plans. Perhaps Hawaii is one of the places that you’re planning to visit once this pandemic is over. However, before you finally decide to do so, you should know when is the best time to book for a private tour Oahu, travel, and spend time in Hawaii. Here is a guide that can help you determine the best times for everything as you plan for your next trip. 

Ideal Time to Buy Airline Tickets 

Flight prices dramatically fluctuate from time to time. Usually, booking 1-4 months in advance gives the greatest rates, with 6 weeks out being the best time to find the best travel deals. Though you should not book during mid to late December and during Thanksgiving week.  

Ideal Surfing Time 

This greatly depends on how skilled the surfer is. The largest waves usually hit all the islands’ north shores during winter, from almost November through March—particularly in January and December, and especially on the North Shore of Oahu. This is the greatest time for spectators, experienced surfers, and professionals to surf.  

Those who just started learning surfing should travel during the summer season or go to the southern parts of the island during the winter season. Keep in mind that waves are particularly calm starting May to September.  

The ideal time for booking Hotels in Hawaii 

If you want to get the best family hotels in Hawaii, then make sure to book and reserve a room for at least 3 months in advance—particularly for August, July, early January, and late December.  

Ideal Hawaii Weather 

All year-round, Hawaii is known to have warm weather. On average, Hawaii experiences about 29 to 31 degrees Celsius in the summer and 26 to 28 degrees Celsius during the winter season. But when you’re traveling, the major variables to keep in mind would be the surf and rain conditions.  

Usually, the winter season becomes rainier, while the storm season starts from June through November. However, it is rare to experience big storms in Hawaii. In terms of surf swells, you’ll get to experience the largest during the winter season, particularly on the north shores of the islands. October, September, May, and April tend to have the most consistently good weather.  

But regardless, Hawaii is a destination that you can enjoy all year round. You can do the best activities in any month that you prefer.  

The ideal time for swimming and snorkeling 

Great snorkeling and swimming can be done anytime throughout the year in Hawaii. However, during May-September or the summer season, the skies are sunnier, the waves are smaller, and the water is warmer, which makes an ideal condition for these water-based activities. Maui and Big Island is usually the best place to do snorkeling since their snorkel areas are less impacted by trade winds from the east. Meanwhile, the least reliable snorkeling place is Kauai since it commonly rains more here most of the time, which reduces water visibility. 

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